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Okay, if someone steals my mower on the street, rides and puts it on their trailer, I'm going to follow them, and call the cops while i follow them, and have them come and arrest his ass.

If some one tries to car jack me with a weapon, Ill pull out mine, and give him a warning then shoot him. He was threatening my life with a weapon, I shot him in self defense, theres no way I would go to prison, especially on a busy street with 20 or more witnesses.

If he happens to steal my truck and trailer, which is unlikely because I lock my doors, hed have to bust out the window. But anyways, I have all my equipments information, serial numbers, reciepts, and what have you, and I also mark all my stuff in a "hidden" place only I would know about. Id give the police my tag number for my truck and trailer, then it probably wouldnt be too hard to find. Then if they dont find it, thats where insurance comes in.

Thats all the hypotheticals I can think of.
My set up:
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