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Thanks for the tips, I am gonna try them tonight..............I've got one more question then I will quit bugging you guys.. I really do appreciate all the help you have provided me, I am very thankful for that......I had to put a transmission pulley and a blade pulley on this mower(my mower has manual PTO, not electric). The pulleys went on fine, but there is one thing I am not 100% sure on. Are both of these pulleys suppose to take up the entire length of the crankshaft? When both of them are on, there is about a 1/4in gap between the transmission and engine pulley. There is a little of the crankshaft exposed at the bottom under the engine pulley too. Both pulleys are held in place pretty tight, but is this the way they are suppose to be? Ive searched the internet and lawnsite all day and I cant find anything about this. I double checked my part numbers and I got the right ones according to the manual. Here is a picture of how it is now.....I also wonder if that tapered hub is suppose to be all the way against the pulley. I have read that you can't get it all the way against it, but I was just wanting to make sure. I'm afraid to tighten the bolts anymore, for fear that they might break. I had to beat the thing to get it on there.

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