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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
I've seen 5000 hrs on a Command Twin and it didn't have anything to do with luck..
The guy took better care of his eqpt than a machinist with ADHD....that mower and engine were clean enough to eat off of...
I've seen guys that beat the snot out of their eqpt and replace them every 3 or 4 years...
And then there's a few of them that meticulously maintain their investments..adding years to their usefulness..
By the time you figure all the parts and man hours it takes to keep an engine and mower clean enough to eat off of...versus..just beating it like a rented mule and replacing it...
Their probably isn't much difference in how much either guy invested in the mowers...
One of them just writes a much larger check when he finally gets to the mower shop...
Per chance did these engines have an oversized oil cooler, like Dixie Choppers?

Typically they use Kohler or Generac however many years ago i ran one with a Kaw and had the oversized oil cooler attached to the fan cage studs. Ive tried to locate a setup like this for my JD717a with a FH series that i converted to a 25HP. Would you know where i could find said parts?
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