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I been using for years for all sorts of random knowledge and research, but I have yet to have started a thread.

Leland Lawn was started in 2003 with the help of my dad. I had been working for a guy mowing about 10 lawns on the weekends for a year when he gave me the opportunity to buy his business since he needed to have hip replacement surgery. At first it was just a something we did on the weekends, but when my dad quit his full time job as an accountant in '05 and started to pursue more clients we grew into a full service landscape company. I had been working summers and weekends, until I got my degree in welding technology and started full time as a crew manager. I now manage all mowing and double as our small engines mechanic.

Our shop for 2011. We had to get out of a garage and into a larger space, so we rented while we looked for something to buy.
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