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I looked in my box and it did not come with any torque specs. The transmission pulley has a set screw, I knocked it all the way to the top of the shaft and tightened the screw up. The way the blade pulley works is a bad design to me, I don't understand why they cant make the pulley in one piece. The bolts that came with the hub were cheap, I broke one while tightening the hub down the first time. I had it positioned wrong, so I had to beat the pulley off the hub to re-position it. I had to beat the crap out of the hub to get it back on the shaft and I think I might of bent one side of the hub a little bit. I hit them both quite a bit, but I don't think they are damaged beyond use. There are no cracks anywhere. Does that look like the correct position on the shaft for the blade pulley in the picture on my previous post?
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