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Organic Program

This year I will be doing an organic program on my personal lawn just to the front yard to gain more knowledge about fertilizer programs. This will be my third year as a mow and go operation, but I hope to gain the ability to offer more services in the upcoming years.

I have no knowledge of what my lawn has had done in the past since we just purchased the house Sept 2012. What I was going to do is rent core aerator last week of March and aerate yard. Purchase aged cow/horse manure compost and top dress the yard. Wait a week or two then once the manure is watered into the yard spread a protein base fertilizer (corn meal, soy meal, cottonseed meal, etc.). Not sure which one, but from research will be doing whichever is cheaper.

If front yard does well then I will proceed to do the same to the rear yard in the fall. Is there anything I am overlooking or could do more efficiently?
I like an organic program since it seems to almost eliminate the chances of damaging lawns like synthetics fertilizers.
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