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Originally Posted by herler View Post
many americans use the self-defense mentality.
Many don't understand life in prison, many more own illegal guns, not that it's necessarily illegal for them to have it but many don't register it proper, although they all say it's registered and have all the proper licenses, many do not.

But you can believe one thing, when someone gets shot whether in self-defense or not, at an absolute minimum the shooter is looking at a court case which means showing up in front of a judge over top of criminal charges. Just pulling a gun out in front of a stranger almost translates to going to jail, but here in america many of these so-called gun rights activists don't understand that.

Anyone pulls a gun out in front of me and they will be explaining it to the police.
I so much as see it or tucked away in a holster, i make a phone call.
Don't come within eye sight of me with a weapon.
I have zero tolerance for gun toting bravado.
which one of you cut herler's lawn???!!! He's a dim witted democrap oops, i mean democrat who wishes to live behind his window shades in his suburban gated community and who wants to oppress everyones legal rights which he doesn't agree with. Just like our community organizer mr. Obama and his incapable cronies. Hey herler, call the cops on me!! I have lots of weapons.....weedeaters, pliers, hammers, rakes, shovels, pruners, sling blades, rocks, poison ivy, knives, guns, etc. We are within your eye sight every day, jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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