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Ok so I got to check the place out today. Looks like a ton of prep work is needed. It is truly raw ground as it is a new build. So a higher price doesn't make me squirm so much now.

My question is for those who have prepared this type of ground, which machine + attachment(s) did you find the best in preparing this type of ground. I've done the smaller jobs where we sod cut and then lay new lawn and those are rather small. This is real rough dirt that's full of roots and stones. My options for rentals as I do not own a large piece of equipment would be

Tractor with Tiller, Harley Rake, Box Blade or combination of rentals


SKid Steer with similar rentals.

I feel like I will also be needing to bring in a ton of soil to make the ground high enough up to the sidewalks and driveway. I could see the stone the concrete was set on. I'm plenty confident I can complete this job with the right direction in equipment. Attached are photos, sorry there is still a little snow on the ground. But the ground is definitely rough fill.

Any help appreciated.
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