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N.E.C. (National Electric Code) - As It Relates to Low Voltage Lighting

I was in a lighting class recently and they went over some installation rules from the NEC. Some of the rules I hard heard before and forgot. Other rules I hadn't even ever heard before. So I thought I'd start a thread. I'd like to be clear on what the main NEC rules are that we should all know when doing outdoor low-voltage lighting. I'll start with a few of the ones I remember from this class and then please continue with other NEC rules that you think are relevant.
  • No low-voltage light fixtures witin 10' of a pool or sauna.
  • Cannot use anything less than 12 gauge wire in a low-voltage system
  • Wire must be buried at least 4" deep and in dirt (not mulch).
  • Any wire going through a wall must be in a conduit
  • When installing fixtures in water, the transformer must be listed/rated as a swimming pool or spa transformer

Now the class was a few months back. And I'm going off memory too. So if I got some of this wrong, please correct me. Also, I'm not the one who said this stuff, it was the trainer, from one of the lighting manufacturers.

So add to the list please!
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