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Interesting stuff

I for one am glad that you posted. When it comes to organics I am but an infant.

I honestly would like to alter my approach to lawn care. Just one problem. Unless there is an EPA registration number for every organic I am going to be extremely skeptical. In addition there has not been enough published that I have read that would change my mind completely. A few articles and I will look through the links you provided.

I am also voicing my opinion based on others that I know and the experience that they have had. In addition to information I acquire through an association that I am a member of.

Am I not getting to see the entire picture? perhaps. Am I not getting all the information available out there to make a more education decision on my part? Perhaps.

The other problem that I would be faced with is attempting to switch over our program for all our clients. And try to convince them that the showcase lawns they have now will deteriorate to some degree before the organic approach is fully affective. That sentence pertains to insect and weed control. The other problem I have is the height of cut that was mentioned. Nothing was said as an optimal height for wee supression. Normaly in summer I cut at 3" this year it is 2.75" for reason of the need for the soils be able to dry. and due to irregularties in the level of the soil the machines can nearly scalp, that is at any height. It is those situations that weeds become more prevelent and in need of synthetic control. Another aspect regarding the height of cut is that I am finding that more of our customers over the recent years are younger and with children, they lead active lives and do request a shorter cut. For me to go to 4" or more cut is not likely. A time where we cut at 3.25" was hard for many to deal with. though in reality it was the best the lawns looked and the best it handled stress and weed, fungal problems.

Like I said I will look over the material you provided. Will make a determination of my own. For the reason that there is an alternative method to the way we handle lawn care.
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