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I was thinking of the commercial stainless steel model. Earthway C22HDS.

It holds 50 pounds, but you would seldom add more than one bag at a time anyway. Gears are guaranteed longer than anyone else.

True, it doesn't look too much bigger than a homeowner model, but it lifts and pushes easier than large spreaders, due to weighing less. I am not sure how wide it is. The hopper looks to be about 16 inches in diameter. At the wheels it looks to be about 24 inches wide.
I don't know if you can get it on a truck along with the average skid sprayer, (without modification).
Anyone know? Is it possible to mount the skid sprayer slightly to one side so that you can get a row of bags of fert along one side of the tank? Also, so you can get your average spreader on the back? How bad is the off center weight distribution?
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