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Originally Posted by DLCO View Post
Hi everybody new to the site and new to lawn care. I have just moved to an area that is all sand. What chance does sod laid on beach beach sand have of becoming a healthy lawn? would topdressing with compost help build up the soil beneath the turf? Or would it be best to rip up the lawn remove 6" of the sand and replace it with triple mix?
Just remember that beach sand or any sand that's been in water has had the micro and macropore's worn off because of the motion of being in the water. Those pore's are what water and nutrient's cling to. In my opinion, beach sand is not a suitable medium for turf. I've seen putting green's that were constructed out of beach sand and they were failure's because they couldn't hold water. Even after 2 inch's of rain in 2 hour's, they were dry in about 20 minute's. But i don't know about removing any soil, that sound's like a major ordeal. I would try to heavily amend what you have. Good luck.
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