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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Im understand you mate.

However, I don't like welding on a deck if I don't have to either, so I'm thinking that you could make it by using a piece of 3/16" angle iron 1 1/2" wide on one side X 3" or whatever you need to get close to the blades without hitting the sails on the highest lift blade you use. Then, all you would have to do is drill two holes and bolt it in. If it didn't work, touch up the holes with any paint you have and then install rubber grommets to keep them from rusting or the touch-up paint from chipping off.
Welding where I have is about all Im going to do. Everytime I weld something means prep'ing and painting. No real big deal but still a pita.
If Hustler came up with something then sure, I'd do it but Im not going to screw the deck up any more.
Its not up to me! All this RnD is unpaid, frustrating, costs money and makes it harder to get the deck back to original. At the moment, all I have to do is grind that baffle off, weld a bit of steel back on and paint it. Drilling holes in the middle of the deck means a lot more work to get it back to normal. I have to draw a line somewhere!

Green, Most of my properties are pretty small so I clean it up as best I can. Im quoting a high school with about 10acreas of ovals. The turf is super thick. I am concerned that if I get the job, this deck is going to really suck on this turf. I'd have no choice but to clean up the clumps/windrows so will cost me a lot of time and money. I may not even bother taking on the job because of it. A potential $60k/yr job!

The baffle has 2 angles, the main verticle part is at something like 80'. Its pizzing down with rain at the moment and complete slop down at the shed, so Im not going down there to measure. I'd end up on my azz!
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