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Originally Posted by Leland Lawn View Post
I have been thinking about this for years! I love watching deadliest catch, swamp loggers, and ax men. I don't know why there isn't a show on the lawn care industry! I wouldn't mind a camera crew following me around all day, if I was getting paid for it. Of coarse there would be some sort of action, danger, or just general drama going on, but that makes those shows (in someone's mind). The show could be about like 8 crews all over the country, working with different equipment, all trying to mow the most lawns in one season, to become "turf king" and win the respect of the other crews. Hahaha

It would also give insight to our clients on what we go through on a daily basis!
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It would be dumb to measure in "how many lawns cut". It brings as much validity to the statement of "how many accounts do you have", every property is completely different, 10 20 acre office complexes require more equipment and man power than 100 resis under 8000 sq ft.

It should be about the full spectrum of the industry, not just "lawn care", (which, technically refers to fert/weed control), lawn & landscape maintenance, landscape design & build, and snow & ice management for the companies in the north.
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