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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
wow. all my stuff is ready to go. i did all the maintenance back in december at the end of last season. all i have to do is buy gas and go mow.

we are eager because we have no money coming in since we don't have snow plowing down here.
the only thing I do to my mowers for winter storage is add stabil in the larger gas tanks, remove batteries and drain handhelds.

I wait until spring to change oil, replace spark plugs, replace oil filters, grease and replace blades.

right now the handhelds are in my garage attic, empty and my mowers are in the trailer with stabil in the tank and batteries removed.

everything needs new oil, oil filters and spark plugs, greased and fueled.

I've not done much snow plowing this winter. I can count the number of times I went out on 1 hand. but my business and cash flow is never dependent on snow removal. it's just extra spending money for me. I could stop work the end of november, head to florida and not come back until march if I wanted to.
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