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Originally Posted by RELIABLELAWNMAN View Post
My Echo PB700 was attacked by a pit bull today!
I was blowing the sidewalks off at the church that we service on Fridays when all of a sudden a pit bull comes from around the building and attacks the end of the blower tube. While trying to beat the dog with the tube end, my Chiweenie "Cloe" jumps from the truck and gets into the action. I thought for sure she was going to be a hot dog meal today. I tried hitting the pit with the tube and then the end comes off. Then I started hitting it with the whole blower. That thing is heavy!!!!!! During this time Cloe gets back to the truck and trailer and gets underneath them. I reach for a flat shovel that was on the trailer and swing at the pit. Finally it takes off down the street. I did manage to give it a bloody nose. This would been a good time the have a
9mm close by. Not only do we have to watch out for kids and thieves, we now have to watch for loose dogs.

not only pitbulls, they've had a bad Rep for to long. it boils down to how the dog was brought up honestly, any dog could have done this. my girlfriends grandmother has a long haired wiener dog and that thing is meaner than ****.
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