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Here is how I would tackle the job. I am just like bigred350. 2 days with a skid steer, harley rake, and 4 guys. One day of prepping, I would get one guy to harley rake entire job while other 3 are working edges. By 12pm it should be time to get the dirt hauled in to bring drive and sidewalks to grade. You should be able to have a majority of debris piled up. You can load the debris in the truck that dumps the topsoil and that might save you a couple bucks.

I think big rolls on that job is probably not going to work real well. I think you really need wide open spaces to take advantage of the big rolls. Otherwise, it will be alot of piecing things together and that can eat man hours.

On our last job we did 150,000k sq ft and I tracked my man hours on big rolls, dingo rolls, and pallets. The big rolls were very fast if it was wide open, but if we got caught in tight areas with alot of cuts it really cut down on productivity. We did 3 truck loads one day which is 30k sq ft.

The dingo rolls are less grueling on the crew, but really are not any faster than having 4 guys doing it with pallets. And sometimes shipping can cost you more on the dingo rolls since here DOT wont let them double stack them.
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