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Taking chute off mower

Ok heres the deal in the market for new enclosed trailer. So went to dealer today and found a 6x12 for 2700 dollars, now mind you im on tight budget only have 2300 at this point.So cannot afford to upgrade to bigger size. So took some measurements and the cables on ramp door are 60.5 inches inbetween. My deck width is like 58 inches with chute up. Now this is due to piece of plastic that sticks out extra 2 inches. And 1 inch of space in between is to close for comfort, so i was thinking taking chute off. Is this bad idea or can i run without? I really want enclosed for security,weather, and lazzyness of not having to cover when it rains due to not having garage. Or i could save money that i dont have and just get a open trailer? im just torn and dont know what to due and i am driving myself nuts as welll as my wife cus this all i been talking about for past 2 weeks lol. So any input be helpfull.

Thanks, Lee
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