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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Won't happen. Tv shows are paid by sponsors. Nobody is going to let their product get picked apart and pay for the privaledge.
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it wouldn't be like that. have you ever seen that DIY show cool tools??? it would be kindof like that. they only tell the positives about everything for the most part.

now if you wanted a reality lawncare show that would be better but i don't think any show is ever gonna sit there and pick things apart and say this company sucks and makes crap. that kinof show really isn't even about the brands they use. like american chopper used harley davidson motors or whatever but the show really had nothing to do with that. it was about all of the other stuff they did. really it wasn't much about their work. it was about the fights and arguments and such.

have you seen gold rush? they use cat and all these brands and that stuff tears up every single day they work. it would be kinof the same deal.

it would be more about some customer losing their temper and saying "i only want bi weekly mowing!" or "why did you put ruts in my yard?!"

a company would go do an estimate and they would scream "you wanna charge how much?!" or stuff like landscaping mistakes and you have to correct what you did and you lose money in the process.

these shows are more about things you want to avoid at all costs.

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