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Originally Posted by chris brauch View Post
I bought a $10 measuring wheel from the local used tool shop. It works fine, it's just driving me nuts trying to figure out how to calculate when there is 10 different sections in the hard. The GPS unit seems like a good idea, but I still wouldn't know what to do with the dang thinf
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It's never a bad idea to have backup systems in place with the wheel.. that GPS unit is simple to use... I'm a backwoods hick hillbilly and I figured it out. You buy that unit and message me I'll walk you through it with no problems... I work for a guy, he bought 550 fertilizer/weed control customers. Not sure what he paid but he's struggling. That's what he told me anyway... a good way to kill your business is not knowing the square footage of all all your properties... know your numbers!!
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