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Originally Posted by michiganmower10 View Post
the issues is the mowers i have at my disposal, near me its okay to run a little mower for just a few houses but with the size of propertys other companys do circles around me with 60s, around him a 48 and a push mower gets **** done, his accounts would take about a day and a half, mine take a day or day and a half, im just kind of in the middle because a 36" would help for accounts by him but a 60" would help on houses by me, on top of all of that my truck looks like **** and id like to try and explore my options with that.
What about your dads mowers? If he was going to pass the operation on to you would that also include his equipment as well? Im sure you could run both operations. Maybe you can hire a part timer or something to help with the labor!
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