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I'm considering an order for a Tru-Cut reel mower but have several concerns regarding zoysia turf care & I'd love to hear your thoughts,
1. When longterm drought happens homeowners allow the turf to grow taller to retain more moisture.
2. I only have 2 days a week off to schedule work so I'm hoping that when the Florida rains begin around July that I'll be able to cut them on a standard 7 day basis.
3. Concerning the current dethatching request, would I just suggest they allow me to "shave" & bag their lawn first so we can see what's really going on down there?
4. Many of the potential lawns are new construction & fresh layed sod that has lots of seams. Sand topdressing(which I'm already set-up for) would definitely be a necessity before mowing with the reel whereas the rotary guys are currently running over it all for the sake of counting another weeks service.
Just think, if I'm an ex lawn-guy that's around this stuff & yet never considered anything but a rotary mower just imagine the number of unhappy homeowners that know the "reel" type benefits from yesteryear. It makes a business proposition nearly a no-brainer.
Thanks to all.
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