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My question too! I thought u were just in your neighborhood... Now you have 3 guys working for you? From 100 fliers! I'm super confused. 14 years old owning a hd truck, equipment and everything...... At 14 I was doing great for myself .... Key word..."myself".... I had a 48" walk behind ex mark, a split boom stihl km with trimmer and edger and an echo pb755t blower. There was no way in hell I would be hiring three guys!!!! I don't even have three guys working for me now and I'm 20 and have 215k in sales!!!!! Come on kid!!!! Please please please tell the truth or no one is going to appreciate your business besides your parents!!!!

Your advertisements in your other thread looked good, but it showed your stinginess by only spending 10 dollars on fliers! But you can afford an 800 dollar saw? I think not...... If its your parents stuff , then say that, then we can all be proud when you turn 16 and by yourself a truck with all your hard earned money....

I just don't want another deleted thread .... Keep it real and keep it honest so we can help you!!! I'm begging you!!!

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