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A few questions from a solo new guy on mulch beds.

Last year was my first year in lawn care. I got started late. This will be my first full year. There is SOOO much competition around here for Mow, Blow & Go that I'm beginning to think about broadening my services.

At first I was thinking about adding bush and hedge trimming, but I figured if I did just that, a customer is probably going to ask about their bed maintenance along with it. Therefore, in my mind, I need to offer the whole nine.

I'm still learning the mulch trade, along with the other stuff i.e. fertilization, seeding etc. I have mulched before but it was very shade tree (my own yard and my moms).

I love working outdoors and really enjoy what I do. Again I am solo with just a truck, trailer & and 48inch exmark.

So to my questions:
1. Am I too small to be worrying about mulching etc just yet?
2. How do you get your mulch? Luck up and find a wholesaler? Or go to Lowes like a normal customer and buy it, including that in the price to the client?
3. Kind point to question 1 but what equipment and tools are a must have to do this for actual clients? Example: they want a bed but haven't had one before, grass is still there around the bushes. Rent equipment or just use elbow grease and a shovel?
4. As a solo op, I got the basic business license, do you have to get anything added to begin extra services like this like a retail license in which you are putting a bought product on their yard and charging them for it?
5. This one is kinda goofy. But I get a lot of people who are afraid of mulch because they believe it draws termites. What do you say to those people?
6. When is the appropriate time of the year to do mulch apps?

I'm beginning this research so that at the very least, if I'm late to that game this year, I might be more prepared next season.

Sorry to sound completely clueless but all of the mulch threads I looked through were all about pricing. My needs go a little more beginner than that lol.
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