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In my opinion I would not change what you are currently doing , what people promise and what they deliver is two different things , some of these houses will sell , if not foreclosures then you will be billing each owner of each property most likely , I started my business small and I was in with some realators Howard Hanna and a couple smaller ones but I use to do junk removal and all kinds of stuff for them , but nothing was as it seemed I got burned multiple times by the home owners etc , now this was about 7 years ago but I doubt things have changed much. Aditionally you should be able to handle this work load on your own , or maybe have a buddy help you one day a week with the difficult ones , by adding 50 EOW thats only 25 weekly visits and like I said I think you will get tired of the BS quickly but its a great avenue to get your feet wet , and that you will just hope you do not drown. If you cannot handle 50 to 60 decent weekly mow only accounts I am not shure you will be able to make alot of money in this business , You may want to look at your equipment and make shure you have the fastest most efficient set up as well , with the real estate lawns basically you just need to cut them and as fast as possible to make them look decent and move on. This is just my experience and good luck.
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