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Originally Posted by haynes504 View Post
hello guys, i demo'd one of the exmark 30's for a day on friday. i'm going to buy one next week. thought it worked great. we have alot of smaller yards in this area that we've always had to use a 21 to get into the backyards. perfect fit for this mower. had a real nice cut and saw a nice increase in productivity over the 21. was a little concerned with the weight increase but after using it on a couple yards i quickly realized the weight distribution is well balanced and the mower is easily manuverable. just as easy as a 21. still early in the year so i'm interested to see what it will do come mid summer with thick or wet grass, but seemed to have plenty of power and never bogged. was real nice to be able and stop the blade as opposed to the 21- much safer when emptying bag etc., and also alot easier to start due to the blade not being engaged upon start up. my guys seemed to like it alot. we use walkers on all yards except these small gate rears and the cut was great- picked up leaves etc. with one pass nicely. also mulched a couple just to see what it would do and it left a nice clean cut. easy to adjust height- happy to get rid of those pita height adjustment that comes along with the 21 front wheels after about one season. personally been waiting for a mower like this one, it's a nice step up from the 21 for small yards with no access. clippings were cut up nicely with the 2 blades and bag was easily emptied. machine seems very well built and thought out. it's a little more pricey for a small machine, but definitely i can see where it will save on time and energy in certain areas. like all other pieces of equipment- they have their specific spots where they shine. small yards, i think this is a winner.
Great to here, I've ordered one and should have it this week. Not that I can use it yet here anyways....

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