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Like others have stated, you should be very careful what you decide.

As someone with a good deal of business experience, I would think twice about this so called great opportunity. Why has someone all of a sudden contacted you, and you only? Do they know you are only part time and maybe think they can take advantage of you?

I am not trying to burst your bubble, but I dont want to read half way through this coming cutting season that you lost your shirt on this deal.

I would never go out and buy equipment just for a deal that involved only 1 other party (remember, it might be 50 properties, but they are controlled by 1 realator!) And then thinking of hiring a crew to take this deal on. I think you should walk away from this, you might lose the chance to make money, but you might also save your shirt, you can grow too quickly, also the notion of taking time off from college to cut grass, that is crazy......just my 2 cents
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