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I wouldn't alter your school schedule at all. Just find the extra time needed to get them all done. I'd suggest getting a friend or part timer to run with you one day a week and knock out as many of them as you can with some help one day a week. The bump in income might seem great but it can go away just as quickly as it fell in your lap. Remember that. I'd only purchase or make longer term decisions based on what you truly believe you will be needing for the future. Don't buy something now before you have even cut one of these lawns that you don't think you would need anyway a year or two from now regardless of whether you are still cutting these realtor lawns. ANd my last point is this... If you are working for a real estate company, take pictures. Pictures with time stamps, or cell phone pictures that you can email to whoever will be in charge of paying you for the work at the end of each day. This is way less for them and way more for your benefit to CYA. You say they should just trust you... I'm saying you need to trust a realty company as far as you can throw their office building.
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