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Originally Posted by ACME LANDSCAPE View Post
Thanks for your input Mr distinguished gentleman ....
I sense a bit of sarcasm in your reply?
But didnt your mommy tell you not be believe everything you read on the internet...
Yup, that's sarcasm alright.
Besides... I highly doubt that this will kill anyone..
I wonder how that will stand up in court? "Sorry folks, i was totally unaware that it took 1/10th of an Amp to kill a person. It was as big a suprise to me as it was to the dead scumbag!"
So what I am going to do is try out my "booby trap" on one of my workers today and report back with u guys.....
I would like to hear what happens when the worker beats you senseless, files charges (pun intended) goes OSHA on you and then seeks civil action.

I am not trying to stop you from protecting your property one bit. I am trying to convince you that you may be screwing your future way up and that posting your rant, then following through with the booby trap may cost you much more than the equipment and work that you lost.

As i said before, best of luck to you!
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