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Help me Calibrate 2.1 gpm electric pump 1/128 method

High flo Pump 2.1 gpm 12v / 8amp pump with a 25 gallon Tank.

I marked off 18.5 x18.5 =340sqft

sprayed and timed it, multiple times.

75-80 seconds
Amount collected 104 fluid ounces

so if I have this right; It is going to take 104gallons to spray an acre??

Because a gallon=128 ounces and the test area to be sprayed is 1/128 of an acre, ounces collected=gallons per acre.

I'm missing something, this seem to be a lot of water.

The recommendation is 1 quart of 2,4-d per acre.
If I take the 1 Quart(32ounces) divide by 104gallon=0.3 ounces

This is where I am getting confused, with a 25 gal tank.

Can someone help me with this?

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