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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
my truck was 20k tax and all brand new. payments of $350 a month.

you don't need a 40k diesel truck to mow grass. that's complete overkill.

i know this is where everyone goes off about how they pull bulldozers on flat bed trailers and do snow removal and yadda yadda yadda. none of that is lawn care. it's a different area altogether. construction and snow plowing are not the same thing as cutting grass. just because you cut grass too doesn't make it part of the same industry. just clairifying that. not all of us do snow removal or construction or hardscaping jobs.

even if you are doing a complete lawn renovation the place where you buy the grass will deliver it to the site for you.
My mowing trucks average 20-25 thousand miles a yr, all of it pulling several thousand lbs. that is absolutely an environment that is suited for a diesel.

Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
$40 G is $40 G unless there is interest on the loan. Then that $40 G truck cost $50 G.

April 2011 my brother bought a Silverado 1500 reg cab, 4.8 v8, 4wd, $26,000.
I would never buy a 1500 for work.
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