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The Best Stand on Mower

I am doing some research on stand on mowers and I would like to see what the majority of lawnsite members use.

I listed as many as I could, but take into consideration there are many different models for each manufacturer and I believe many have upgraded their standers over the years.

In particular, I will be purchasing a 60/61" stand on mower if the machine will fit my needs.

I mow 75+/- lawns by myself. They range from 1/4 acres to 3+ acres. Some have large and small hills, some are completely flat. I want something that is faster than my 61" Ferris walk behind so I can be more productive. I need something that can handle most hills. I need something that will not tear up turf if the grass is wet. I understand that operator error might cause damage to a lawn, but I'm not sure if one stand on mower is better than another for turning on a lawn.

I need a machine that does not feel awkward to ride (although going from a walk behind to a stander may take a while to get used to). Comfort on the stand on mower is a must.

I wouldn't mind being able to step off of the machine and use it as a walk behind. As far as I know, the grandstand is the one for that. But if pros out way the cons then walking with the stand on mower is not a must.

I will eventually demo as many of these units as I can, but I wouldn't mind ruling some out to save some time.

As far as dealer support and research that I have done, the Scag v-ride, Wright standers, Exmark vantage and toro grandstand would be my top contenders. I did however return a 36" v-ride 2 years ago because I couldn't mow many of the hills I had and bringing another mower with me to finish the hills was not practical at the time. That mower was intended for backyards. For this next potential purchase, it will be my primary mower but I will have my 61" ferris walk behind for back up if the mower can't mow some problem areas.

If you vote, please let me know which year/model you own/have used and any other feedback on the machines would be appreciated as well.

If you are completely against stand on mowers, please mark "HATE THEM"

If you choose "other" please specify.

I appreciate all of your votes and feedback.


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