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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
I recommend paying taxes then getting write off even if your a farmer they say a mower isnt farm equipment. If you mow your yard with mower its personal property not for 100% farm use. Believe me my buddies are getting burned all around me...
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Disagree...... Im no tax expert by any means but My family is just about all farmers hence why I griped above about them getting breaks on it seems like EVERYTHING! My grandfather and uncles wright off EVERY mower they have ever bought and my uncles have both been audited. They were questioned about the mowers they wrote off asking if they were used to mow anything else but at the farm and the answer is no. As long as the answer is no they wright off the mowers. Now they are mowing more than just the farms but there modo is "prove it"............. I don't blame them, but on the other hand they already get breaks on everything else. It pisses me off how much they get in breaks.

If you don't believe me check this out. I have investments at Edward Jones investments and was just in for my yearly "hows my money doin"...... The fella that takes care of my money brought up this issue and said it burns him up to see what all they get away with. He brought up one of his investers "a farmer" that grossed right at 450,000 this past year and paid in 4,000 bucks........ He giggled and said "hell I paid that in my first quarter, but didnt make near $450,000 last year". Hell up until 2 years ago the gov paid my uncle 2,800 bucks per year to NOT grow tobacco!!!!!!!
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