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We're in the same boat we're picking up a lot more landscaping work this year, which is really what I wanted anyway, one thing I'm going to do is run a separate checking account one for maint and one for installs, so I can keep a better handle on the funds and know where we are all the time on each side of the business, we use dry erase boards for scheduling and keeping track of where we are on each job, each customer has their own folder that gets started when they sign a contract and gets put on the board for scheduling from that point on all job costing is tracked and all material receipts are kept in their folder, once the job is completed and closed out we go back and look at what we projected the job at and what it actually came in at, from there we adjust our bidding process for the next job. I eventually want to go to a computerized system for the whole process but we're not quite there yet.My move to a smart phone has helped tremendously this year, I am way behind on all the techy stuff but every time I move in that direction I wonder why I waited so long LOL
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