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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
You are supposed to report anything you buy out of state and pay sales tax for your home state as you did transaction from your home. There is a new sales tax enforcement team that are using ebay accounts and other online sources to find and get there money and fines from these people. I recommend paying taxes then getting write off even if your a farmer they say a mower isnt farm equipment. If you mow your yard with mower its personal property not for 100% farm use. Believe me my buddies are getting burned all around me...
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how many people actually report it when they buy something online at all. ebay, amazon, apple, any online store.

one of two things will happen with this new team I think. they will find it EXTREMELY hard to track down enough people for anyone to really get scared and actually start reporting what they buy out of state.

or if they are successful they will bring down the online market.

personally if I'm gonna pay taxes on EVERYTHING I buy I'm gonna make sure I buy EVERYTHING local. and if I can't find something local I'll do without it.

who actually keeps track of everything they purchased in a years time out of state. you know how much that could be. food and gas from vacations, that computer you ordered online this year. those shoes you found on ebay. that DVD you ordered from amazon. the list gets HUGE over the course of a year.

sorry to get off track.
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