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Originally Posted by Alex G View Post
Hello all,
I'm looking for information on starting a lawn business in NJ. I been looking around and called up my township office but the were no help. I want to go legit since i'm 17 in march I know its going to be harder for me but I still find it more beneficial for me to do it this way. Some info on what i'm looking for. I want my business as of right now to be under my name not a LLC. is that possible? I know i need to get insurance which i was quoted yesterday for $715 for a year 1mill policy. Any of you guys know of a good agent for maybe cheaper? i also know i need to register with the state. Again where can I do this if my township didn't help? Sorry if this isn't the right page to do this on but i figured since we are all in NJ and you all did this before it was worth a shot. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Im located in Mercer county 15 minutes away from Princeton if that helps.
Not being an LLC you are that $775 is not all that bad considering the equipment you are going to be using. Are you looking to cut lawns or treat lawns or both? Huge difference in insurance with some companies. Also treatments if fertilizer get proper licensing
I would say the $775 is about right for a non - LLC and someone under 18
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