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These standers are all going to have issues on steeper hills no matter what brand you buy. Since I switched from a wb to grandstand a couple years I have found myself using a pushmower much more on hills where in the past I could mow with my wb. But the agility and comfort outweigh the negatives. I can mow all day and not be fatigued. Running a wb with a sulky all day was something I did not want to do anymore. Also the grandstand with the platform folded up leaves a very small footprint on a trailer and in my garage. Here is some pros and cons in no particular order.

1. Difficult to service. Belts, oil changes. Ect....
2. Hills
3. Deck needs scraped down a lot
4. Clumps in wet conditions

1. Fast, agile and very comfortable
2. Nice cut and bags good with accelerator
3. Not tiring to operate for long periods of time
4. With toro ocdc installed. Can block off deck, side discharge
or bag quickly with a pull of a lever and the bagger can be
installed with the ocdc in place.
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