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Subscribed. Iam looking for a mower in that size range. Not sure if I want the toro/xmark 30" or a true 32" wb. After looking at the toro it was cumbersome to turn. Not sure there would be much time savings over my sr4 in tight areas where maneuverability is a concern. But for narrow gated fenced in backyards this would be a winner. If this mower will eliminate a need for a pushmower on my route I will get one. If it will not double as my pushmower I will be better off getting a true 32" wb which will have a much larger engine, faster ground speed and easier to turn. Being able to switch between mulching, bagging and side discharge quickly is a major consideration in favor of the xmark/Toro. The rear bagging capability is nice too. Eliminating the need to purchase and haul around another metal bagger in the fall.
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