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My situation is similar to yours. I am solo with a variety of yards, small, large, hills, fences ect... As you found out if you go with a stander you will need a seconday mower for steep inclines and other areas where a stander cant go. Luckily my sr4 21" can mow these areas on my accounts fairly quick. Forget about using the grandstand as a walk behind, it useless. Toro should have never marketed this product in this manner.

I am always striving for the most fastest and efficient way of mowing my route. Being solo makes this vital as to maximize profits. For me, a stander and the Toro\xmark 30" seems to be a decent set up and ditching the 21". Only having to haul around and maintain 2 mowers would be nice. The other set up would be the grandstand, pushmower and a real 32" wb. Last year my set up was the gs and a toro super recycler. Very simple set up but had to turn down some work by not having 30"-32" mower. Before that I ran 33" residential mower which doubled as my pushmower and was surprising durable. Unfortunately the cut quality was not up to standards so I sold it off. You have to figure out what works best for your route. What works for someone else may not be suitable for you. I know guys who just run zts and dont even bother carrying smaller mowers.
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