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There's another thread on here about them, it's about the Toro, but same difference aside from the control bail and the front of the machine/height adjusters.

I bought the Exmark the other day. Of course no grass to mow yet, snow is just finally going away. I'm amazed by how easy it is to maneuver, at least in my garage. The front end is NOT much heavier, if at all, than most 21" commercial mowers. Only downfalls I see are the blades with the notches cut out of them, the 1 speed transmission, and the size of the catcher. I wish they could have put one on it that holds about 1 bushel more. As for the transmission, I wish it did have gears, but then again just like the 21" models, 2nd is usually too slow and 3rd is too fast so I'd end up running in 3rd all the time and feathering the bail to adjust the speed anyway.
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