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Originally Posted by rbljack View Post
I too struggled with 32 WB or this mower, but decided on this one for reasons you mentioned above. While im testing this mower, I will be sure to evaluate its "trim mower" capability, to see if it can truely replace the 21. I run a honda hrc also, so if I can finish these lawns using only the 30, that will be the true test. The 30 does seem a bit cumbersome to turn, but we shall see. Ill be trying it out initally today, on some dry and dormant St Augustine. The customer wants me to come over and level it out in preperation for the coming season, and take care of some weeds within the lawn.
Keep us posted. If this mower is not agile enough to double as a trim mower it will be of no use to me as I will have to bring a pushmower anyway. If this is the case iam better off with a 32 wb for my fenced in yards where the grandstand will not fit and throwing a 21" in the pick up bed for my trim mower. The downfall of a true 32" wb is its ability to be a trim mower. Even though we all hate pushmowers sometimes it is the right tool for the job. I have a cluster of homes in one development where 4 of them have very small and steep front yards. I can use a bigger mower but a pushmower is actually faster.
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