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Update: I agreed to take on 4 of the properties, and cut them one time, for right now, because 4 of them need mowing pretty bad. I told her I just want to see how this goes, and I'm gonna knock them out this week as they fit in my route, and get paid, and see how it goes. If I dont like the way they do business, I'll tell them to find someone else. I might even tell them I'll take on only like 10 of them, because thats all that I feel comfortable dealing with, along with my other 33 (now) customers. If they don't like that, then they should have no trouble finding another person.

I figured by only taking on 4 of them right now, its not a lot of risk, because they agreed to pay me just as soon as I Finish them all, and I come up to the office.

And I figured 10 wouldnt be so bad. It wouldnt be streching me past my limits, but it would still give me that little income bump I could definetly use. (I wanna buy a br600) But only if I like how it goes with this little set of yards.
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