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So when you buy the mulch and therefore charge a client for it, I'm assuming that requires a retail license? Is the idea to buy wholesale and sell to client at retail price? Or do you pass that savings along to the client and boost up your delivery charge?

I didn't know if there is a set standard for how most go about introducing this service. I wish I had a steeper background in this sort of stuff...and actually tried to get a job as a helper for other lawn companies before starting my own...but jobs are apparently hard to find, even in this sector so I started my own.

I stayed busy last year even though I started late May just doing mow, blow & go...but I want to be taken seriously one day and grow and be able to stay busy in between cutts.

I'd like to hear from some of you vets how you did your first job.

Not mowing, but the extra services you offer. How did you get your materials when you started, Lowes or Nusrsery etc. What did you learn? How long did it take you? We're you solo?
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