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Originally Posted by SteveHuffman View Post
We have a new engine upgrade with a fuel tank upgrade this year. Model #85398, Its a Subaru 190cc engine with a 1 gallon tank. Retail $3645, call or email for spring special pricing.
thanks for that info, unfortunately ive experienced failure on two of those subaru EA190V motors now, with almost a year of use on the 1st one and about 5 months use on the 2nd one -- not sure how you consider that subaru motor an 'Upgrade' as its a homeowner grade motor you can find on alot of cheap equipment at homedepot, and the motor itself retails for $200 (at least thats what it cost shipped for my last replacement at the dealer)--- the only plus side to it is that it is in fact rather cheap to replace

im curious, what does it cost for the B&S motor that you use on that aerator? and which of the 2 motors have experienced more failures thus far?
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