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32vld.... your making hard out of easy. It's not that complicated using common sense.

1) We are talking equipment, ....not trucks
2)Financing may not be important to you on purchasing a single hand held unit, which wouldn't meet the minimum purchase amount in most cases, but multiple units and fleet deals do apply
3)Can you afford...will you wait till you can... is directly related to bottom line price or financing, so those are an issue in that statement
4)The poll was posted for LCO's.....sorry but homeowner craftsman tools need not apply in the question.
5)Even if you were throwing stuff away after two years of use, which would be a sure sign of poor maintenance or not buying commercial quality hand helds IMO, the units are under warranty for 1 or 2 years. You spend 500 plus dollars on two brand new back packs that grenade the engines in less then a week of use... does the dealership have any importance at that point?
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