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Yes, above are correct. Thanks Nate and Ric. But Shorty, your flow rates seem to high, I found 2.37 gallons per thousand sqft. Don't worry if the drying pattern is a bit uneven--that is normal.
And if you are only covering a thousand sqft in 2 minutes you must be the world's slowest walker. What is the swath width you are using?
If you are using a swath width of 6 feet and are walking 2 mph--would be covering 1056 sqft per minute.
At seven foot swath, you would cover 1232 sqft per min, at 2 mph. Even I can do that and I am old. No need to soak the grass with the solution--water and pressure don't kill weeds--the chemistry does the job. Pick up the pace get 'er done before sundown.
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