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V-Ride 61 owners? Can't get a demo in Pa without buying first...

Does anyone here use the large scag stander? My local dealer may have run out of resources to get this model in for me to physically look over prior to purchasing. It's not their fault that the distributor can't supply one but it does force us to consider other brands or reconsider doing anything before spring. We have plenty of undulating terrain in southeast pa so my main concerns are with hillside stability and scalping in comparison to midmount zero turns.

The fact that they apparently don't sell any here is maybe a little disconcerting but I think there's potential in the design to replace one or two sit-down machines and free up some space on the trailers. It also seems like the standing position would make it a little more encouraging for operators to hop off and move obstacles or pick up trash while mowing. We only use 60-61 inch machines though as this has proven to be more productive over the years.

Scag is my preferred brand because of the deck and the relatively high ground speed but I'd welcome any experience or opinion on other brands as well.

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