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We do a lot of work in one general area about 4 miles from home. Some years that neighborhood will get freeze and frost damage repeatedly. It will often be 28-29 degrees there when it's just above freezing right down the road. It's not an area you would expect to be cold. Sits up slightly above a lake. Really close to town. Definitely not an outlying area. Then other years, like this one and last, it's consistently been warmer than other areas, even closer to town. And it almost always mirrors temps at my own house, 4 miles away.

It's like the summer when you can't buy a rainstorm. It rains all around you, but you don't get any of it. Then other years you get the rain and areas around you don't get anything. It doesn't alternate. It's not like luck of the draw where you get it today, they get it tomorrow. When you fall into one of those patterns, it can hold for months sometimes.
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