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Originally Posted by BrendonTW View Post
Hey folks

I run echo equipment, echo 2 stroke oil, and non-ethanol fuel. My trimmer and edger and even blower (not as much on the blower though) are always clogging up. Causing us to be slowed down during the work day due to equipment not running up to speed or stopping to clean out the exhaust. Running 50:1 mix.

Any ideas as to what we are doing to cause this? Or anything we should try to get these things to not clog up so much? Running without the muffler is SO loud and unprofessional sounding.
I run a lot of Echo and the exhaust side ports do clog but it I clean then once a year they are fine and we have high use. I also use Echo oil, about 4 months ago I started running Red Armour fro Shinduwa. I was present at the local shop when a bunch of trimmer were tore down that had run red armour. They were in great shape. Unfortunately the transfer ports also get clogged and you have to pull the head. ON the good new side I have not had any failure of hardware
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