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Originally Posted by WishforScagWildcat View Post
Thanks for all the great info, yea I am unsure. I know they get all the neighbor hoods in the area because their so cheap. they come once a week and hold on Ill get an Image of the area.
You seriously want to underbid someone who, in your own words, is the King of cheap?

Why not race against a Koenigsegg Agera R instead?

Originally Posted by WishforScagWildcat View Post
The company that mows the front yards in my neighbor hood charges 2,0004 a year for common grounds and 8$ per yard, is their any profit if I under Bid them and tried to take their place next season? They do horrible never have sharp blades and always scalp the yards.
No dude if they can't even afford to sharpen their blades you underbid and you won't even have air in your mower tires, come to think of it maybe that's why theirs scalp... But!!! Maybe you should underbid so you can find out how to work for less money than you've ever got paid before.

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